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Our Guarantee

The Guarantee

Many people may think that this is just a gimmicky marketing strategy. The fact that this guarantee is featured in every advertisement, on every sales receipt, and on every price label affirms our serious desire to be ethical traders.

The Conditions

Very simply, retain our sales receipt. If, in the unlikely event that you are able to purchase the identical product at a lower price, including duty free outlets or at a sale, please purchase it and show it to us. If you return either ours or our competitor’s merchandise in its original unused condition, your money will be refunded to you on the spot. No excuses. Our money back guarantee applies to purchases made anywhere in the world (exchange rate will be based on the date of purchase). Even years later.

No Time Limit

As far as we know, this is the only type of guarantee offered by any retailer, or retail chain anywhere in the world! Most money back guarantees limit your claim to the home country and almost all have a time limit, some even days!